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Cracking out Cthulhu Wars

Jac has finally realised she can touch and play with the HUGE plastic miniatures (the incongruity of that statement) for Cthulhu wars. the game will be getting pulled out tonight while her sisters are at youth.

It has been an interesting week. We successfully navigated the Dentist and her teeth are SEALED! including the front one. Assessments are progressing for her sister for inattentive type ADHD and dyslexia! She may yet be able to navigate University when the time comes with the right help.

and DHS rocked up on our doorstep to do assessments related to our court case, just them being here is incredibly stressful but I am relieved that they seem to genuinely understand how sensitive the girls are and they are going to make it a priority to not rock their boat.

Day’s pass life goes on, the lamitrogine increase is working and her mood is coming back to ground again slowly.

4 days left on the Cthulhu Wars Kickstarter and He and I are haggling over which Add on’s to get and how to structure our pledge. with Jac wanting her very own Cthulhu we may yet do what I swore we wouldn’t and split our pledge because I don’t know how else we can afford to obtain her one otherwise.

He is struggling to understand how I am as eager as he is to throw money at the project, “But you are supposed to be the sensible one!” I am I love the size and durability of the Miniatures, it is perfect as an advanced board game for kids….just make sure you grab spares of the Cardboard elements to deal with the inevitable wear and tear.

Its time for some down time and Great Old Ones I think.

18 thoughts on “Cracking out Cthulhu Wars

  1. I would sweat splitting you pledge too much. You have been an active part of the campaign and as such may have brought in a few pledges to cover the bit extra.

    Besides Sandy says your word is law.

    So happy you kids have a keen interest to play. Mine often want to play but often there is no time. Also cant wait on wave 2, five players will be nice.

    Canada is docked in Vancouver but shipping from Ontario. .. 4300km from the dock. How can that be cheaper?

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  2. He also wants more than one homebrew and a few other things. Far too much to pressure sandy on. Its the only way to do it. The extras will end up being for the girls to paint eventually. They will be practicing on old warhammer and dungeon saga first. They are all very interested in different art techniques and it amounts to yet another thing to teach them.

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  3. I was chuffed today to see that there have been clicks from the blog through to the kickstarter. The quality and effort he puts into cthulhu wars really shows in the end product. I am hoping it influences other producers to lift their game.

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  4. By golly gosh I meant wouldn’t sweat it much.

    I would also really like to see the homebrew unlocked.

    I know I may be a constant pain in Sandys posterior. I am always asking for stuff that doesn’t seem to be on anyone elses radar.

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    • Most plans involve plans for perspex frames and map enhancements. For which we will need additional maps so we don’t destroy the ones we play with.

      So it more involves additional figures and sets. He does still want more home brew. Lol I will do

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