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It’s not over yet but I see the light! 

At the end of a very long tunnel. She finally returned to school today and everything seemed to go well although tomorrow she has Vcal again and that will be the real test.

It had taken 2 weeks for a meeting to be arranged. The education department was in attendence and backed us up,  repeatedly correcting the school everytime they failed to understand what we were saying. 

It went very well and while she was scared she still stood up for herself and stuck to her guns. 

At one point it was said that a teacher was trying to help her be more resilient. 

The truth is shannon is incredibly resilient. Resilience is not just conforming and doing what you are told, no matter how wrong or disturbing things may be. Such unquestioning compliance is how children get raped and don’t speak out, it is dangerous, it is the opposite of protective behaviours. 

Resilience is the ability to bounce back and overcome challenges, even in this situation she overcame. When teachers wouldn’t listen she found someone who would. That is resilience. She persevered and didn’t give in, she attended the meeting in spite of how scary facing the school would be, and today she was back at school! That is resilience. 

Resilience isn’t ignoring the bad shit in the world its facing it down and dealing with it,  then moving on. 

I am so proud of shannon right now. 

If you are ever dealing with the same challenges; 

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