Mum of teen/tween girls….Sharing my toolbox

These are some of the things I have found trying to deal with a house full of hormonal teenage girls….SAVE ME!!!

Educational Resources:
Precious Stars Pads

I found this girls youtube channel, ISN’T SHE AMAZING! So confident and at ease with talking about menstruation, just as it should be. I absolutely adore her she has videos about ALL sorts of things, I tend to throw the intro video’s to the girls (and our chaplain has absolutely snapped them up for girls with attitude and other programs for this age group) her frankness and calm is brilliant for these things.

first period school kit

starting your period what to expect

Anyway I will leave you to dig through her MASSIVE library it leaves me floored at what she has acheived every time I look.

Pain relief if they need it:

  • Naprogesic is AWESOME, anti inflammatory
  • Magnesium helps reduce cramping
  • Passio Flora, Passion Flower, it is a herb it is used in almost ALL herbal Sedatives in some quantity, if cramping is an issue or endo buy the loose tea its not easy to find but hunt it up online or your local herbalist. Passion Flower is a Natural Muscle relaxant which works particularly well on Smooth Muscle (abdominal muscle) where as Opiates will actually exascerbate Smooth Muscle spasm, passion flower is awesome for relieving it. just make sure it is in your toolkit.

Menstrual Products I wont go into precious stars pads just covers those lesser known options OH so well.

Important Supplements to minimise symptoms and challenges:

  • B6 100mg-200mg a day great for the mood swings hormones and outbursts/depression symptoms
  • Iron + Vit C Anemia is a huge challenge this will show on blood tests
  • Vitamin D almost everyone with depression symptoms/moodiness. is Vitamin D deficient and this can seriously impact development, growth, cognitive function the lot. this will also show on blood tests.


Tracking is actually important and we don’t know we need to until we get told we need to.

My preferred currently is Pink Pad

Because you can include recording symptoms like moodiness depression cramping discharge temperature weight…as little or as much as you see fit.

It might not seem important now but a young girls cycle takes a year to get its equilibrium. Signs and symptoms can and do start presenting themselves and by their 20’s only 5-8 years away they are looking at parenthood ovulation and various other things… starting with basic recording means they have the data behind them to just switch the app from recording their cycle to planning parenthood and if they have challenges they have the data to dig up the symptoms to investigate the cause……

It’s essentially a little nothing to teach them from the get go….which they can really benefit from as a health practice in the long term throughout their reproductive life and through to menopause.

I should mention I’m not trying to tell you how to raise your daughters. I manage and cope through a hell of alot of stuff by basically keeping toolboxes…..I see something and think oh that may be handy…..if it doesn’t work or ends catastrophically I turf it. If they work when needed they stay in my toolbox. If the circumstance hasn’t come up it stays in my toolbox. The good thing about tool boxes is they can be as big or small as we need them to be and when the need arises we go digging in our toolbox and see which tool best fits the job and apply it in the most appropriate way.

What do you have in your toolbox?

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