Lose their head if it wasn’t attached

The last couple of weeks I have been doing my homework in relation to locks.

Unfortunately the range available locally is limited and it wasn’t something I was confident buying online I wanted to know it was fit for purpose particularly considering the prices of this level of lock.

I decided it would be worth investing in a keyless lock for our front door. There are a few options. Some include manual keys some don’t. We saved ourselves some money by getting one which doesn’t have a manual key option. 

Because we have 2 other external doors which are keyed. The purpose of this is to provide a keyless entry option for those who frequently and reliably lose their keys.

This model does also come with 4 RFID cards which can be used as electronic keys. But we will be focusing on the pin code use.

The Little Super hero and her eldest sister are both notorious for losing both keys and myki cards (public transport NFC payment cards). As yet myki has not introduced a mobile phone app to substitute for physical cards (if ever myki read this PLEASE make this available I KNOW you can do it), so there isn’t an alternative besides frequently ordering replacement cards and keeping one as back up while waiting for the replacement.

But house keys we can do something about. Yes it would be preferable to just teach them not to lose their keys, but every key lost is compromising the security of our home and the safety of my family. There have been more than enough times they have gotten home to find themselves locked out, with the only option being to knock on the neighbours door or simply wait til we get home and we are heading into an Australian Summer. Being locked out in a heat wave is something to avoid.

It’s all been about practically investing in the house this month. Just a few weeks ago by chance I managed to snag a Pakman mail box and parcel drop box for $200 complete! I was very chuffed about that price. As they get older and we are dealing with court cases, specialist appointments, meetings at schools and extended commutes in the afternoons it is becoming harder to be home for deliveries. Hopefully it will make a difference, it will allow us to go out to the pool and other afternoon activities without sweating on what is due to arrive and less of my mail will go walk about.

Besides the convenience I have found over the years that simply dealing with the small things which can make each day a little more restrictive or can derail the best laid plans, can make the big uncontrollable stuff a great deal easier to handle.

Yes it’s Samsung. Some people are Apple fanbois I’m a Samsung fanboi, although even I won’t buy some of their products. Samsung won the race against Lockwood because their consumables for the product are $10 each and a quarter the size of a business card, could be easily worn on a lanyard, where Lockwood charges $36 per card and they are a solid card like the myki cards and the same size which then still require a card holder to attach to a lanyard without damaging the card.

We have found lanyards worn around the neck are the BEST way to habit build for kids to lose their keys myki and parkiteer pass as infrequently as possible, but even this is not foolproof.

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