How can we make a difference?

Many of us want to scream with frustration regularly,

frustration with the ups and downs of recovery,

frustration with a mental health system which is wrought with holes and voids,

frustration at feeling helpless while trying to deal with family members so deep in the pit that they can’t see your hand extended in front of their faces reaching to grab their’s to help them climb out.

There are things we can do to help, they may not seem to make a difference but I promise you they do.

Imagine Mental Illness as a pile of shattered debris.

Every time we smile, we lift away a piece.

Every time we listen without Judgement, we lift away a piece.

Every time we add a spoon of tea to the pot for a friend, we lift away a piece.

Every time we speak of mental illness weakening the taboo, we lift away a piece.

I spent today at a Local Government Public Consultation in relation to Mental Health Services in this region. It was an opportunity to express our frustration, to name the holes in which we fell, to point our fingers at the voids, and most importantly to say how we can best be helped and supported as patients and carers. This was our opportunity to have a say in what they think we need.

These opportunities do not come often so seize them!

This month is Mental Health Month, Today is World Mental Health Day, This week is Mental Health Week, Join with me and raise our voices to raise Awareness of Mental Health.

2 thoughts on “How can we make a difference?

  1. Describing my self words like cynical sever or critical come to mind.

    Recently at diner I tried smiling, just that.
    I stayed quiet and smiled.
    I felt like an idiot but I persisted.
    My face started hurting but I held it.

    Funny thing was my eldest started and talking telling stories and laughing. She kept on for quite some time.

    I enjoyed her happiness but also the effect of that constrained smile was curious to see. That such a small change in me was such a large change in her.

    This of course is a maddening epiphany as to garner the sweet effect I must force my self into a lie to hide the dreary truth.

    I will lie for her, as I would for any of my girls happiness.

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    • there is truth in the Phrase “fake it til you make it” the longer you do it the more real and natural it becomes. because it reflects back to you….

      it is true you get back what you put out into the world.

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