Trampolines are the greatest thing on earth.

Our’s reached the end of its life about 2 years ago, it was quite old and the mat finally gave up the ghost although it may have been helped along by a magnifying glass inappropriately used…

The death of the trampoline was a significant loss for our little family, the girls almost lived on the thing, but we have finally purchased a new one YAY!!!!

Exercise is important for maintaining good mental health and trampolines are ideal for this, they are also brilliant for star gazing, wrestling with sisters, a stage for your latest performance or even practising flips into veggie patches .

She hadn’t waited for the net to be put up before trying it out unfortunately but we had run out of light for the day. We have been dragging her off it all of today as we don’t have time to attach it until tomorrow. It is such a relief for her to finally have a means to just burn energy again though.

All Backyards should have a trampoline.

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