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The Importance of Journaling

Journaling can have applications for Psychologists and specialists, however primarily it is a tool used for self for self reflection, processing of the day’s events and seeing progress and growth over time, particularly when we reach those stages in our lives where we feel stuck, it can be good to look back and remember what helped to motivate and move us. While seeing how far we have come.

I have quite a little collection of Sharon Witt’s books including the relevant Girlwise11709779_10205692855778809_6848204494436251847_n and Teentalk series, they really are quite useful. It helps to use the journal in conjunction with the books to get the hang of journaling and which thoughts and ideas may be relevant. Some keep their Journals in their school bag’s and jot down thoughts and idea’s even during class.

10577982_10204074867090103_1511308764_oDon’t limit yourself to the lines either. Lined journals are actually a relatively new thing for us, we actually began with a large selection of what are called Visual Art Diaries. Stashed in School bags being filled while waiting at train stations or between classes, crisis walked through with the patience that comes from a pack of sketching leads and a blank page for the right train to take you to your destination.

It’s about your feelings…all that touchy feely stuff….learning to express it, identify it, recognise it, and use it constructively.

While the data recording mentioned in Surviving the System is useful for specialists and doctors when it comes to diagnosis and treatment. This is one of those things that while it can provide insight for specialists it really is something done for self.

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