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Safety with Medications

While they are infants dealing with liquids and dosing for medications can be nerve racking, making sure there is time between doses and each are measured correctly and making sure you aren’t using too many with the same active ingredient. It can be a nightmare.

I don’t have a solution for dealing with liquid medications unfortunately but I am not more comfortable metering out psychoactive medications for children than liquid Panadol with no less potential for overdose, mistakes and serious consequences.

One of the best things I have found is available at most pharmacists, it isn’t about brand chemists usually sign up to one service so brand has more to do with what your favourite pharmacist uses.

Ours uses Webster Packs12074624_10206164881139148_8587021105041259614_n

Besides dropping off her prescriptions and organising which Vitamins we needed in it my role ends at paying the Monthly Pharmacist Account, even at 11 The Little Super Hero is responsible for her own medications. The Webster packs make this possible. It reduces risk of overdose because if she forgets she has taken today’s dose she just needs to check the pack and if it is empty she has taken it. Pill boxes are a helpful comparative tool but you do need to remember to refill them.

Only 1 of those tablets each day in her pack is Psychoactive, the Pack costs the same whether it contains 1 or twenty tablets, so the way I see it, 1 tablet or 10 the $5 a week I pay per pack is paying for Safety.

She has pride in being responsible for her own health too, she was also involved in the decision to no longer use sedatives once the mood stabiliser proved to be more effective than we or her specialists expected. She collects her packs once a week from the Pharmacist on her way home from school. Home delivery is an option, but by collecting it herself she is forming good routines and habits early which will help her manage this disorder through puberty and adulthood. I am sure every individual who lives with Bipolar has that wish deep down that it would just go away, while knowing they need to prepare and work towards long term management.

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