The Little Super Hero’s Mum

Someone said blog “it must be said” they say…..well you said that, because I did say it, didn’t you….and I brushed it off….and you know how thoughts and idea’s chew at the back of your head and itch and you think oh shit they brought home headlice again….until after combing and scratching you realise it wasn’t a micro plague it was an idea plague instead……so here I am.

This Blog is Named the Little Super Hero because a lovely young mum on facebook laughed after reading 10 years now…. and said OMG she has super powers she is a little super hero and I decided THAT IS AWESOME and it can stick, because she really is!


I was a blogger many many many moods ago…opps typo…but I like it…screw moon’s we are going with moods…

So Many moods ago I was a Blogger, quite a prolific one at that posting anywhere from 3- 12 blog posts a day depending on topic and motivation which wandered through my thought’s that day.

I by no mean’s promise to hang around and actively blog…

I was addicted it was shockingly awful trying to give up and I had so many bloggy friends.

Anyway I did the crude rude and nasty thing over the last month and invaded the Forums of The Imperfect Mum in order to anonymously and unceremoniously spew my guts everywhere….quite sorry about that….it wasn’t intentional I figured the urge would be fleeting and I just had to scratch the itch.

I hope my contributions were constructive at least. I have re-posted them over here so those looking will at least be able to find them in future with a google.

and then I saw Kelly’s Blog post (Psst Darling turn on trackbacks 😉 )

Team – by Kelly DeVries

You are AMAZING darling, I love the world through your eyes,

We do team work around here too and one of the things you mention is Attack the Problem not the Person.

We try not to do much attacking but we certainly do tackle problems wherever they can be seen as the highest priority, that isn’t to say life around here is peachy, but it certainly isn’t boring.  We face and overcome many challenges around here, we do Good day’s and Bad Day’s and OMG can we just go to bed already day’s.

We Do Compassion

We Do Grace

We Do Love

We Do Patience

We do Second Chances, Time Out and Quiet Time.

1091597_10203072819359536_452195891_oWe do Kitchen Time, Gaming Time and even crafty time at school at home and at church…


We do Trampolines, Tonka, Pirates, Public Transport, Scooters, Bikes, and Mobile phones

We Do Ingress, and Octodad, Terraria Minecraft and Orc’s Must Die!

We also do Family Drives a few towns over to take over Portals owned by that Resistance Scum who keeps griefing our Guardians, while there we take photo’s to rub it in too. Three little girls smashed the BIG BAD RESISTANCE!

We don’t really do TV, we score alot of comments in relation to our home…..we 1386009_10201231410365462_1261805627_nhave a big Table sitting in the middle of our living room 😀 yes we do, we get questions like,

“so where will that be going then?”11028690_10204745559056983_1312881708_o

“It’s going where it is?”

1622150_10202025536418117_2077624346_nThe reason we have a table in our living room is we USE our living room for living. we fold washing we play Board games, Card games, Computer Games, We do Craft, Painting, Homework.

We read books on the two lounges along the walls and the recliner out the way, our hallway is lined with bookcases, our living room walls lined with display cabinets containing interesting geodes telescopes star maps and game figures……and games

And we do homework and play computer games on the Laptop and 2 PC’s kept in there.

We don’t do perfect around here, even the little super hero’s 2 year long winning spree at Settlers of Catan reached an inevitable end when MUMMY WON! Mum gets to wear the Fez….NO!……YES!

We do Doctor Who and we TOTALLY do Geek…..in a house with 3 Teenage10564071_10203133604879136_1434622445_o

Ok reality check, he might find this, I have court cases pending, his name isn’t on any of this, and if he finds me FUCK HIM……..! not literally (if you read the other’s you will know who I am referring too)

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