Yes ok it is usually served as a hot beverage and considered an adult drink….but it isn’t a scotch on the rocks.

How many have sat down and considered how much sugar and caffeine is in anything else they hand to their kids for example a snickers bar, Mars bar, hot chocolate, chocolate milk, LCM’s, Tiny teddies, Milky Bar, and even yes Coco pops…..

I have a child who gets migraines from chocolate and it took us Years to figure out that it was behind some of her worst tantrums…eventually confirmed with a single peice of dark old gold cadbury chocolate where she hid her head under her pillow and screamed for 5 hours straight…. which actually forced me to step back and consider what all these ‘kids’ snacks contain. It is ridiculously difficult to escape chocolate particularly at easter.

She is one of the healthiest eaters in the house primarily because there is so much she can’t have…we try to balance treats something for them something for her..

Her sisters ask for Nutella she gets her choice of any spread and chose plum jam.

Her sisters get Lamingtons she gets a tub of strawberries….

And Cafe Toast Loaf and Uncle Toby Honeyed Oats porridge satchels are her bags of M&M’s

From the age of 6 we have allowed her Decafe Coffee when her sisters reach for Milo.

We also regularly serve up pots of Peppermint or Chamomile tea…

And this Spring as the flu has wrought havoc in our house the Tea Pot has been hosting Whole Lemons Sliced with a couple of Tbsp of Honey and Steeped with Chamomile which has been a huge relief…

Be aware of what they are eating and expose them to a wide variety of flavours and foods. They may turn their nose up on occasion but when they see it on your plate it wont be long before they are swiping your Mushrooms before you even get a taste.

Understand please that when I say treats I MEAN Treats, they do not have these things regularly, they are an occasional treat.

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