When Gaming gets Creative

Some day’s it seems like the Designers and Artists get to have all the fun producing the materials that combined become the games we love and enjoy.

There is another side to gaming when the creative genius in us is let loose. While creativity, construction and hobby crafts was predominantly the domain of War Gaming, the rise of miniature board games has opened a rift spewing inspiration into the world.

Miniature painting, can be a shelter of its own, necessitating a nice quiet break from the world surrounded in brushes paints and tools. Participants of all skill levels can explore and modify their miniatures and figures to enhance the game play experience through to explosions of inspiration.

Once the figure is complete there remains opportunities to explore thematic photography and effects.

This is Chase Norton the inspiring individual behind the quirky modifications you can see in the above figures, taken as he took his first steps into macro photography. It wasn’t all that long ago being as much of a beginner as me.

When it comes to terrain, papercraft is quite an affordable place to start working up to 3D printed terrain, laser cut MDF, Resin, Papier-mâché or Model Making. The options and methods are endless, which keeps us constantly learning new techniques, exercising old skills, building on what we know.

Play is critical for mental health, it keeps us exploring the world helping us to see it fresh with new eyes, while play with most games is structured, according to rules, once we start down the rabbit hole it can lead to entire new worlds being opened to explore.

Depression is like a pair of tinted glasses, you have heard of rose coloured glasses; depression glasses are quite similar although rather than giving the world a rose tint they wash it out with shades of grey, like a light film of dust, masks the world, steals the colour and joy. Through creative play and exploration, we shake out the dust, we knock the glasses askew, introduce colour and uncover the fresh new growth, even if for just a short time. Like a muscle, we can teach our minds to shake the dust from the world more regularly, often and vigorously; strengthening this muscle with repeated use and flexing.

This shaking, produces resilience; each time we shake the shaking gets easier and more habitual. This is how play and exercising our creativity helps us to learn to see what is new, explore what is unknown, see outside the box. Thank you to Mr Wong Khai Hoong of Kuala Lumpur, for sharing his play with us.

Let no one say we must explore the creative world alone.


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