Mental Health Month

I haven’t posted in a while, I have been busy living and focusing on recovery, enjoying the fruits of stability in my home, dating and making friends. the last 8 months have been quite exciting.

I sold my car and enjoyed the fruits of bus travel and walking for my knee’s and back. It has been a good year!


As we enter the first week of Mental Health Month and World Mental health day fast approaches I thought perhaps it is best if I shake the dust off an old piece I was working on. A Series about

Games Reducing Barriers in Therapy

which the world barely got a taste of before I had editor issues, being that I didn’t have one.

You can explore the first two in the series on Gamerati, I may even include them in the line up being as they are a year old. let me know what you think.
Gaming, Fiber for the Mind

Totally hooked on Games

And the rest is to come;

  1. Games, a Prescribed Treatment and Prevention
  2. Games as Education aids reducing Anxiety while Opening Doors
  3. Augmented Reality Games and Gamification apps as a Motivator and Reinforcement.
  4. Games as an Assessment, Resilience and Monitoring tool.
  5. When Gaming gets Creative.
  6. Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Games, the back door to connection, when all others are locked

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