The Dentist

Woah! What a day…

It was time for their annual dental check, it is usually uneventful. I book all three in for successive appointments, production line, bang, bang, bang, done.

If there are any issues it is more often their eldest sister, who has had acute dental issues from a very young age, they suspect her baby teeth never developed enamel invitro so there were years of 3 monthly cleaning’s and sealing just so that she could eat without pain.

They have seen the same dentist in the same room at the community health center for the last 5 years. but not today, it was a new dentist, in a new room and she was bouncing from the time we picked her up from school.

Since about a month after she started the Lamitrogine as the dose started to stabilise in her body I began to suspect we may need a slightly higher dose, she was doing REALLY well. Don’t get me wrong. Her fuse wasn’t as long as life quite called on her to have.

It started the moment we were directed into the new room and she noticed the new staff.

“No! I’m Not doing this I HATE it I HATE this room! They are awful! Nope I am NOT doing this!” she didn’t hold back. Those poor ladies.

Then she came up first on the computer. “NO! I’m not doing this make THEM go first!”

 (I have censored her language or the post would need an 18+ rating)

She spent their consults hiding from her sisters, burying herself in my back on a padded bench sucking her thumb by the window and flipping the bird to the workmen outside the window installing particularly long lengths of PVC pipe in high winds. They so needed her contribution today. (that is sarcasm)

As her sisters were finished whether they liked it or not they were rapidly dismissed from the room.

“No I am fine I will wait here” “Cough Cough Hint Hint Nod Nod Wink Wink BRIBERY MILKSHAKE MONEY IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT! BUGGER OFF!”

Once they were out of the room we could focus on the little Super Hero who was running at about Half power today…

(yes incredibly this was moderate for the heights she can truly achieve)

They needed to update everyone’s medical information and they figured this was the best opportunity to do it, and explain  the change in their favourite patient we did, “her Doctors figured a functional high was a good level to aim for so that she can remain motivated in school rather than sedated, and this is what we have.” 😀

The Dentist was quite fascinated and understood the rarity of what we were handling. as legs and arms stretched and wandered moving everything attached to the chair that moved, not forcefully, but just because it could move, like an octopus exploring its space.

Suddenly she noticed the Clock, the Beautiful Blue Cutout Owl Clock on their wall, which she immediately loudly and repeatedly insisted that the Owl must die a Violent and Painful Death.

Between exploratory stretching and wriggling she would sit back as high on the chair as possible with her arms folded under her head and her legs crossed on the seat, almost like a parcel almost on the dentists lap, she would have 20 seconds between loud statements and stretching to count and check the condition of her teeth, along with a large surface chip off one of her front teeth.

Today wasn’t the day to address that, we had elicited as much cooperation from her as we could in her current state, she had a clean and a check, and in two weeks after a large dose of Phenergan we are going back for her teeth to be sealed.

After 4 weeks of cancelled appointments due to sick days and emergency cases taking priority we are going back Thursday to consider dosage increases.

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