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High School approaches

At the end of this year she graduates….my Youngest finishes Primary School

And the little super hero sets off on a new adventure.

From 1 teacher all week long to having half a dozen she is regularly exposed to with different classrooms throughout the day.

It is almost a year away and yet NOW is the time to prepare. Her sisters and best friend go to an out of area school smaller than the one which is our intake so preferred for someone with her challenges. They also have multiple learning streams available with accelerated and regular classes.

It will mean a long school day but she will be traveling with her sisters and best friend.

She would rather be a surprise package for her new school, but with the challenges ahead we need to be prepared even if it hadn’t been seen largely by her primary school.

The challenge is how to explain what we are dealing with that they are prepared without scaring them entirely.

Yes she is high risk., but her track record of behavior at school is brilliant, with some guidance and preparation we can hopefully keep it that way. I located a number of resources for schools during my search which I will link in this post for those also facing this situation. Lets be prepared and make the most of the years to come!

Majority I have found so far are all from the US school system, but it is better than nothing. Living in a country largely in denial that it presents in children so young can leave a family starved for resources.

The only information sheets provided so far are NAMI publications sourced from the US! and it took alot of hunting for anyone to find them.

The Student with Bipolar Disorder from BPChildren

DBSA Educator Resources

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