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Making Messes

The last couple of weeks have been all about making messes and they have been such spectacular messes at that!



We pruned the garden to death still some more to go which we will do over coming weeks/months as we completely restructure our garden. The little super hero has had an absolute blast chopping down small tree’s and eating blackberries as she works her way through the worst of it.


We moved the little super hero’s garden to the front verandah so that it would be remembered to be watered a little more regularly and repotted her favourite plant,


Her Beloved Nellie Kelly Blueberry12565623_10153204933967035_6783141797249113664_n

fb_img_1453797761762.jpgWe have been Baking scones and cakes, chopping fruit salad and raiding the garden for fruits.



The school holidays are coming to a close far too quickly, we have mostly stayed home and had a quiet one focusing on getting things done around the house and making messes. The school term is far more demanding on the little super hero. While the garden has helped maintain a semblance of routine with daily watering and jobs there have been days which have slipped into the usual holiday haze and medications have been missed, these occasions have highlighted in stark relief just how much work her medications do. This episode is now in its 7th month, until now the absolute longest they would last is 3. With the medications we have a semblance of a normal life; without them we would be clawing our way through a living hell struggling to find ways to support her. Every day I thank God for the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service for the fact that they listened, they believed and they didn’t rush to conclusions.

These are the first holidays EVER where there has not been a single whine or groan of I am bored, no demanding trips into the city to the zoo movies or anywhere really. For the first time ever we have JUST rested and pottered around the house. It has been Good! It has been Needed! it has been appreciated by everyone in the household. It is important to take time to rest and make a mess. For Life is Made to be Messy!


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