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Jac: mum gimme your phone…..

Mum: why?

Jac: speak to kath I havent spoken to her in a couple of hours!

Mum: what about me?

Jac: what about you?

Mum: you frequently don’t call me for days!

Jac: pffft its KATH!

Seriously this was a legitimate conversation in our house today….. she has of course shattered her S4 hence wanting to borrow mine, while down the shop I picked up a $30 Alcatel so we can still keep track of her even if not with GPS tracking. I dont take it personally it has made a big difference for her simply having somewhere else.

Jac essentially has two homes. Not as in a separated parents two homes (although she has had that too although not anymore) as in she has two homes she feels safe in.

This is important for a young lady in her situation and I will explain why.

When jac was first diagnosed last year she started taking names of those also diagnosed with bipolar….

They are all members of her exclusive club and its an awesome club and all the members are awesome.

It includes Jac of course
Aunt Hayley
Aunt Kylie
Bruce  (step dad)
And the list goes on

She is not alone….she has people she can talk to and relate too who all wish they could jealously syphon off some of her mania lol

She decided dad isn’t a member, fair enough

Kath is her best friends mum, she has alot of experience with dealing with mental illness in the home also.

Jac and Bree have been Best mates since they met a number of years ago.

There has been occasions when jac has faught with her sisters packed a suitcase and stormed off down the road to Bree’s house. I have just called Kath with a bellowing INCOMING! And a yes she may stay the night to cool off…..

Until she had somewhere else at 5 she packed her suitcase and walked around the block declaring she was moving to dad’s! 2 states away.

Now it’s not so much a storming off with a suitcase as a restlessness the rest of us can visibly see but she can’t quite name or express and she will call Kath and spend the weekend or go with them camping or visit grandma or check out Walhalla. For the last few years she has spent her holidays bouncing between our two homes.

This is part and parcel of bipolar and it is critical that she has places to go which are safe, otherwise she could land anywhere when the urge takes her.

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