Blame, How about we look at responsibility

I’m gonna have a Rant…..

Because today I was accused of being the reason my children haven’t spoken to any of their fathers family for YEARS…..

We moved interstate in 2007 for 3 years prior to the move WE NEVER SAW OR HEARD from their grandparents, aunt or uncle EVEN BEFORE THE SPLIT! unless it was asking for money or somewhere to live in a pinch……and they couldn’t even show enough respect to not bring used syringes into my home.

Since we left the state their grandparents visited ONCE, Called NEVER, Their Aunt NEVER has called, their uncle NEVER has called us, unless you include the handful of times in the last decade their father has passed the phone to his family members during phone calls.

Yet apparently because their father went to Prison in 2014 until January 1st 2015 at which point he was subject to an IVO which is still in place…..

Somehow I am responsible for their not having contact with their grandparents, aunt or uncle….

Today I actually tried to message their Aunt for the sake of extending an invitation to her to make such calls, but no I was called the root of all evil and one day the girls will turn on me when they are older. I’m pretty sure the issue is actually that they are standing up to him now that they are older but who am I to say, just the one who has had to deal with all the fall out for years. it wasn’t the first attempt either I have mentioned it particularly to their aunt grandparents and half sister multiple times since 2007 that they can call any time and contact us directly. I shouldn’t have bothered it was a waste of my time and I was just abused for bothering because he is such a wonderful man :S

If you are such a Grandparent Aunt or Uncle….PICK UP THE DAMNED PHONE and stop blaming your son’s or brother’s EX for not hearing from them. It is NOT their responsibility to chase up scattered family members.

HIS ENTIRE FAMILY have a long history of blaming everyone else for their problems…..hence they always have problems….the whole damned world is out to screw them over they are never apparently responsible for the shit they are frequently in….

When a man PLEADS GUILTY to production of child pornography and does 9 months PRISON TIME without parole. He is NOT a loving caring father, he is a NARCISSIST! If his TEENAGE children don’t want to see him by now after asking to not see him for a decade already THEY HAVE A BLOODY RIGHT TO BE HEARD!

Don’t cry at me for what you don’t have that you NEVER bothered to have….

and for those who may be doing the same….LOOK at what is happening. HAVE YOU CALLED? have you actually made an effort to communicate and stay in touch with your family members without limiting YOURSELF to only what is facilitated by a manipulative controlling brainwashing Criminal compulsive liar of a family member!!!!

They may be blood…..but take the bloody blinkers off!

What you need to do is PICK UP THE PHONE
SAY “I am Sorry, for everything that has happened. I just want to let them know how much I love them and stay in touch and I don’t want my communication with them to depend on ‘XXXXX’ making that happen. I promise you I will not share with them that we have spoken or what the kids have said this will just be our time for us, can I please call semi regularly what would be the best day and time to catch them between everything they have on? and if I am traveling down that way would it be alright if they come out with us for the day? I don’t want my relationship with family to depend on other’s anymore. do you think they would like some letters or presents? is it ok if I post them directly rather than through ‘XXXXX'”

Because provided you are GENUINE, and HONEST, 90% of the time the answer will be YES that would be lovely thank you!

I have been waiting for such a phone call from ANY of them for the better part of a DECADE because HE HAS severely restricted their contact!….but because family court orders don’t include 3rd parties I can’t put it in there that they contact me direct….instead he has told them I am stopping them!…..and they have never contacted me besides the once their grandparents stopped by and took them out for the day….

I have 2 cousins who have separated from their ex wives…..I HEAR FROM THEIR KIDS and speak to them more than their bloody fathers do! FFS don’t blame the ex! it isn’t their job.
It SHOWS in how LITTLE they know the girls…by the very fact that they think they can be forced to do ANYTHING….

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