Rogue one *no spoilers*

The holidays have finally arrived,  we have survived the worst of the December onslaught of Christmas parties,  graduations and presentations.  Yes it is finally done,  for this year at least. 

A friend was nice enough to shout us all a trip to the movies! To see rogue one in 3D interesting spectacles and all.  

To be honest I haven’t been to the cinema in a very long time.  Mostly because you can’t hit pause and go for a stroll and stretch right in the middle,  whose bright idea was it to ditch intermissions anyway? 

Shannon and jamie got all dolled up and raced ahead of us on the bus while we took the more leisurely drive down the freeway to the next town to meet them there. 

I won’t go into the content of the movie…. Spoilers…. 

But what was interesting was Jac decided to reserve her meds for after she got home and spent most of the movie crawling between eisles, being herded back to her seat by the usher and basically dancing away to the cinema music and ad’s. Along with drinking my coke for me. I should be used to it by now.  All the way there she told our friend how much star wars sucks and startrek is SO tots better in every way by every series. But she was still riveted to the screen through those final scenes…… 

Loudly declaring as we left that DARTH VADAR ROCKS! 

Thank God we had the whole cinema to ourselves….. 

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