Plodding along 

The eldest scored her first detention for telling her math teacher to piss off. 

And told me about it while sitting next to her youngest sister in the car with her hooting and cheering in response. *sigh* she definitely doesn’t need encouragement. 

She got home from camp today barely a few words before running off to the skating rink for youth. 

Stinking hot day today but the Aircon is cooling the house down nicely. 

The night before she went to camp we discovered last week’s webster pack in the bin, absolutely full. While it’s not a good thing for her to have missed her meds for so long it is a relief to see that the episode which resulted in her being put on them has finally past. Otherwise she would’ve had to be hospitalised within days of stopping them. 

I was tempted to keep her home from camp but if I had there would’ve been absolutely no way to get her cooperation with taking them again. Instead we let her go on camp knowing the routine and schedule would actually help her reestablish her meds again. 

It’s worked she is back on them again and a little more settled than when she left. Although bouncing a little more. It’s nice to know they help as much with depression symptoms as mania she had been teary and short of fuse (not as severe as it usually is without meds) before she left. 

Her sister managed to drop a drink on her laptop this week, thankfully the mother board still works. As does the hard drive if you leave the laptop upside down. Hopefully it recovers if not I may be up for a new HDD for a Toshiba C50-C

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