History / Mentalhealth

Seeing the evidence

It can be hard to see the signs leading up to eruptions and burn outs, but they are there, we just need to learn to recognise them.

Kids coming home from school and devolving in front of the TV provides no action or interaction from which to see what is happening for them.

This afternoon as she crashed through the door the little super hero immediately demanded a game of Cthulhu Wars. It currently occupies our gaming table ready to go, getting quite a workout this week while we nut out which add ons we want.

For us this was an opportunity to review her progress not just on learning the game, but with the meds. Where is her mood at? how is she travelling? How short her fuse? How steady her hand? How calm her thoughts?

To deal with watering pot plants provides some feedback, I received a cool shower on a hot day as she rushed and reached over me to water the Basil!

To watch as she applies critical thinking to plan out strategy is far more revealing. Her hands shaking as they rush and fumble to move the figures and mark her power level. Her thoughts scattered unable to plan even a move ahead…

She is improving and stabilising again, however it is slow progress and the mildest of side effects are beginning to show.

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