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Choose your poison!

Still pushing gaming…its compulsive…..I posted this elsewhere to explain why I appear to be talking to myself and laughing at thin air…

So the basic facts

My 13yo’s band put on a performance last night at the high school which was pretty cool. Bruce and I camped just outside the doors to listen because the bass was killing it (literally)

It had turned into a one girl show with a solo show boat singing lead on 80% of the songs for the hour so we were understandably bored. Someone was asking something somewhere about bipolar and high risk of drug addiction….so of course I answered….yeah I’m throwing my kids at art and gaming I dare them to find time to do drugs….

(this is our neighboring town as an example of what we deal with in this region)

some knob chimes in saying OH BUT GAMING IS ADDICTIVE….of course listening to Van Halen at the time I just laughed at him…. and he cracked it and blocked me.

He accused me of just swapping one addiction for another; But it completely ignores the principles of harm Minimization. For individuals at particularly high risk of addiction ANYTHING can be addictive…..point being is to avoid; physical addiction, physical damage to the body and mind, and drug dependence….

When it comes to long term welfare sometimes we have to pick our battles particularly while we still have an opportunity too…

If given the Choice between my children being addicted to ICE or Gaming (Computer games, RPG, MMORPG, Table Top Gaming, Board Gaming, the list is endless really) I know what I would rather be dealing with and which has the better chance of recovery….

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