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Pathfinder Meets the Great Old Ones

I have been kicking about on Kickstarter again as Sandy Petersen and the team at Petersen Games launch another fantastic kickstarter, getting us all talking budgeting and planning again. For past backers this one is so much more relaxed and casual without the pressure of hitting the high notes for backing and I am actually really enjoying it.

This time it is Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder


Jac of course is hungry for anything and everything gaming wise and this would be absolutely superb to add to our extensive library of Tomes.

I will leave you to explore the kickstarter yourself and waffle on a bit about my history with Petersen Games.

It all started back in 2013 we were planning a trip back to Darwin in July. Shannon had decided she wanted to go back but she wanted Mum to come along too, unaccompanied minor flights and a break for mum was in no way an option. It was Mum sitting in the next seat all the way or it wasn’t happening.

I wouldn’t be staying at their Father’s with them I had discussed the arrangements with his Girlfriend she would supervise everything and I would be staying in Nightcliff with Bruce’s Family. We also decided that it would a good opportunity to get hitched while we were up there, a nice distraction from all the other things that could go wrong. I started planning the wedding just over a month before our flights. I arranged the celebrant. Food was organised after we arrived with the local fish and chip shop (seafood and chips by the tray),  Woolworths (Cob loaf Dip and Cold Meat Platters) and The Cheesecake shop providing the wedding cakes in the form of Original Sin and White Gold which I festooned with Butterflies and Flowers.I kid you not when I say we managed our little nuptial with a budget of $600 including a dress for me and a suit for Bruce!

From the week before we left Bruce kept mumbling the word Miniatures, Miniatures BIG AWESOMELY EVIL MINIATURES SOOOOO MANY…..It wasn’t until we had arrived and most of the plans were done that I finally started getting more than random words of madness out of him and began to glean the sheer Scale of the Monstrosity he desired…..

That project was of course Cthulhu Wars

This Game now dominates my house, in a very real sense. We ended up backing at the DVM level and have not regretted it for a moment it was a Mammoth undertaking by who were then Green Eyed Games and in many ways was a Pioneer in developing board games of this Scale and Quality.

Bruce was only thinking of how many miniatures in the box, that was enough to convince him and it was designed by SANDY PETERSEN…(which of course meant absolutely nothing to me and TBH I still haven’t reached the level of recognition which Bruce seems to have of Sandy’s Career)

I then went on to back a number of his following projects, due to the quality I saw in Cthulhu Wars it was a pretty safe bet. Kickstarter is a platform for new companies and that comes with risks because the guys launching projects may not always have as much experience and know how and learning curves are a main course on the Kickstarter Menu.


Orcs Must Die


Topped off with Onslaught Two! The second coming of Cthulhu Wars for which we backed to the Hilt yet again.

The Onslaught 2 campaign I had a BALL and may not have been entirely sober….and like a hang over the following morning as the streamers fell and the hang over set in I rolled over and discovered a group…..Oh when did that get there….thankfully unlike most hang over’s I didn’t experience the urge to chew my arm off the following morning…..

I love the group, primarily it is for those of us who like being comfortable. gamer’s can on occasion get a little carried away with themselves particularly those who are hard core….while others would sometimes just like to get in and have fun whether it strictly adheres to the rules or not is often secondary to just enjoying what you are doing.

So we discuss ways and means to get our kids interested in Crafting, Gaming and Painting, while making up incredible justifications about how beneficial and educational it is for them and has nothing to do with wanting the convenience of a homebrew gaming group we can blackmail with pizza. Take wagers on the risk of divorce each pledge and delivery carries, they let me waffle on about crochet even though they are mostly interested in painting miniatures, we compare paper bag Cthulhu‘s and dare each other to Lick Hypnocthuoads! While occasionally linking to Board game geek threads and discussing the wider issues of some of the debates people knock heads over. You are of course quite welcome to join us in our Madness!

It was during Onslaught two that the MOST GENIUS of things happened. Beast suggested a Tip Jar…..

Each Kickstarter is followed by a Pledge Manager, and Sandy is an awesome guy

(like seriously the more I get to know him the nicer he seems to be, unlike Bruce who knows him as a Granddaddy Super Human Wonder God of Gaming, I only really know Sandy for his little company he is launching that is really like a little family, and he is a Good Genuine Guy.)

Sandy leaves his pledge managers open to late backers much to the consternation of his hardcore backers who perceive exclusivity and privilege even where there isn’t.

The combination of the Pledge Manager being open and able to be edited right up until production has finished and this new Tip Jar they have included ACTUALLY has created a lay by system for Petersen Games Games. This makes it possible for even the lowest income backer to chip away at the cost of a Premium Family  Game placing Petersen Games within Reach for EVERYONE in spite of the massive price tag’s.

With Pathfinder for the First time ever…having been a past DVM backer my pledge is only $35, we already have all the figures filling cabinets in my living room with more on the way from Onslaught Two, this is a kickstarter we can all lay back relax and enjoy! with Glorantha: The God’s War coming up just around the corner! The brilliant part is when it comes to RPG’s there are endless way’s to play them, you can use Mini’s but you don’t need too, most use pen and paper and their imaginations even for a Supplement the price of Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder is amazing.

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