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A day in our life…

I currently have Pneumonia so each day is a haze of chest pain, insomnia, a vice on my chest and passing out in fevered exhaustion.

This afternoon as everyone got home and the household was to commence actions towards dinner….the power went OUT!…but this wasn’t any old black out, this was an Our House Only black out with one circuit actually still chugging along. we called a sparky and it was going to take them a bit to come down and fix it so we had a wait ahead of us.

and then it haappened, Bruce TOTALLY Panicked! Madly calling out for Jac from one end of the house to the other, he can’t find her, nothing will calm him down until she eventually walks in the front door with her older sister after working in the Garden…..

The reason for this complete and utter panic;

Jac missed 1 day of meds yesterday, she can’t afford to miss even a single day without experiencing burn out and having not sighted Jac, Bruce’s worst fears set in, could the Black out be caused by Jac burning out and electrocuting herself. Thankfully it wasn’t……and I was telling him quite confidently she is FINE she is likely just down the park or in the garden…..at least I think I sounded confident…

I haven’t even attempted to break the News to him yet that it was announced today that COPMI a service his workers were trying to refer Jac too for the sake of support services (even if they aren’t a perfect fit they are the ONLY service which exists for kids her age) will be completely defunded the day after Jac’s Birthday. Great Birthday Present Mr Turnbull!


The hard part about obtaining Peer Support for someone in Jac’s Situation is locating Peers who are dealing with the same stuff….

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