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Good Friday

Well that is almost the sum of holiday effort I put in.

In all honesty holiday’s for us have become times of rest, we don’t visit, we don’t make plan’s, we don’t participate in event’s and we barely give air time to family demanding we visit or celebrate or traverse the state to join them. If they are lucky we all help to make a special dinner just for us to share.

This is for OUR health.

Don’t get me wrong we used to do somersaults for family and be left near dead by the end of what claims to contain “holiday”.

We learned from burning out by trying to keep too many people happy, who it is NOT in any way our responsibility to keep them happy, that holidays are AWESOME day’s of rest. on Good Friday, Jesus gave his life for us and he was really big on days of rest as was his Dad so I am TOTALLY into that 100%.

It is not worth the misery to satisfy others and I have not yet found the bible verse which say’s you must complete the stations of the cross and you must fast for lent, where is lent in the bible? and you must cripple yourself meeting the demands of extended families when he declares said holiday….they don’t mention holidays, lets remember, appreciate and rest. I sure know everyone in this house needs the reminder and recharge.

Jamie’s hormones is surging she has been missing the odd pill which is leaving her hormonal surges unrestrained to burn the earth…….so she is positively LOVELY today….will be switching delivery method soon enough to minimise on these times hopefully. She wants something which she doesn’t need to remember, daily anyway, when it comes to hormone therapies thankfully there are numerous options available.

Still watching kickstarter, pinching pennies and wishing I could just back everything and then from out of left field the Double Decker Card Caddy returned again for a second go of it and is half funded in under a day! he has done REALLY well.

For a first day of holidays besides cranky pants making noise the house has barely stirred with everyone either sleeping in or going back for afternoon naps. afternoon burn outs were almost becoming a thing as we headed towards end of term and the little super hero’s teachers eyes BULGED at her parent teacher interview….I don’t think he has seen her quite so bouncy before and she was definitely bouncing….the interview was late afternoon and she hadn’t taken her meds until afterward… he got an eyeful.

We have a History of dying our own eggs for Easter and making white compound easter egg’s with various fillings because Jac gets migrain from ch0colate. so we have struggled to find substitutes and altertnatives for the better part of 6 years…..Until Now… due to the regular dose of phenergan and lamitrogine Jac is on for her Bipolar she no longer is getting the migraines some how some way. She is pretty excited to be getting chocolate egg’s this year!

with some Atlantic Cod and potato salad planned for dinner, a few rounds of Theomachy for desert I think we will have a cruisy long weekend and I sincerely hope you enjoy yours!

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