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The holiday’s continue around the house and at home everyone is simply being. A new game arrived, Theomachy,  some card sleeves. We have had some lovely roast dinners as a combined effort and joked about past memories around the dinner table each night…but beyond that the house is quiet.

In spite of this quiet the little super hero is struggling to sleep, taking a full dose of phenergan some nights and still not able to close her eyes. Cleaning and sorting her room, playing with a busted old Janome which only sews straight stitch in one direction and generally keeping to herself because each time she has tried to join her sisters beyond conversation at dinner burnout is but a word away as the toll of her troubled sleep takes hold. She is making sure she takes her medications at the appropriate time and isn’t missing a day……and yet the mania continues to creep in……

Is it time to panic? not quite even in spite of medication’s mood swings will still wax and wane and this ripple in her progress may not yet require an ongoing increase in her lamitrogine instead persisting with the phenergan and trying to keep her functional. It is a worry that in spite of so little actually happening she is bursting at the seams……but there is yet another week of holidays left and this swing may otherwise resolve with minimal intervention provided we can ride it through.

Next week we have appearances in two courts in a matter of two days, which thankfully we don’t need to drag the girls along with us. I am actually the applicant in both, they are both necessary but TBH I would rather neither were necessary at all, all we can do now is see it through and see what happens. The girls can continue their reading and gaming which they have been doing all week so far, they are happy why stir them.

I somehow managed today to pay BOTH our telecommunications bill AND the pharmacy bill. Our Iinet bill includes all our mobiles, home phone and Internet and is one of our largest bills a month, sitting in 3rd place behind the power bill is our Pharmacy account which chugs along at an average of $200 a month….In a country with a Public Benefits Scheme, having Pensioner Prescription Subsidies paying only $5 for 98% of our prescriptions, I really am amazed how we rack it up even looking at the invoice. While the Supplements are very carefully chosen for specific contributions to stabilizing her and her sisters moods and hormones and they make a quantifiable difference to their health, the lack of any form of subsidy on supplements which would be prescribed by their doctors if they were available on prescription.

It is astounding that B6, Iron, Vitamin D and Omega 3 aren’t prescription.

I have been pledging on kickstarter there are some AWESOME projects being launched at the moment. Besides the Card Caddy making a return.

There is Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder counting down the last week for Sandy’s latest endeavor, which I may have kind of sort of over pledged on…..there is going to be some serious budget juggling in coming weeks.

Mythos Monsters which Jamie is positively drooling over

Littlest Lovecraft which looks absolutely amazing.

Some of the most Amazing Science based children’s book’s portraying the Foundations of Chemistry from John Coveyou the designer behind Genius Games.

And some Edible spoons like OMG aren’t they the greatest thing to throw in a winter lunch box with hot soup, stew or curry!

I am having to restrict myself to PDF’s on some, international shipping can often be an absolute Buzzkill….but simply because they are all overlapping…. GUYS YOU ARE KILLING ME HERE!!!

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