History / Mentalhealth

Mania…..Woah…..Double Trouble…

Mania is literally a hairs breath away…. if it hasn’t arrived already….as I was searching for images for this post she was hanging over my shoulder declaring “OMG I am adorable!”

I have had to explain to her many times in her life that there is a fine line between adorable and obnoxious :p

she ran out of things to clean in her room and tonight has started on mine vacuuming my floor and tidying up and has declared she now wants to start on my wardrobe….it is 1 am NOT TONIGHT!

Meanwhile he is moving furniture after vomiting idea’s in rapid fire fashion for the last 2 days…she hasn’t slept in 4…..

he has barely slept in a week already…

there is one thing I have learned which isn’t obvious to most…when people with various mental illness share a home….they trigger and ride each other’s episodes to dizzying heights….they are never alone…..

although amazingly this is the FIRST year ever which they are heading UP in autumn usually by now I am contemplating purchasing cages in order to separate the two of them as they both blew in the hallway leading to the rest of us looking for calmer waters….



Bruce is already hitting the spending button….he purchase a game he already has when he can least afford too…he has contacted all of his workers and is seriously considering literally giving me all his money so he can’t spend any more. Come on stay with me, keep it together the grand daddy of stretch goals has arrived today we need to finish planning our pledge!!!!! Focus!

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