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A Scary Place

Indeed the world is a scary place, it holds so many different people from so many different places, cultures and beliefs.

There are those of us who believe we can make our way through this scary world in peace while some believe they can only make their way with Force and Violence.

While culture contributes somewhat to these beliefs it very much comes down to individual choice; life has taught me that no matter our culture or experience of this world at every junction we have a choice in path, even when we feel cornered with no way out.

While dealing with events of the last 2 years I felt terribly alone and isolated. The church didn’t want me talking about what I was experiencing, their uniform answer was to tell me to pray about it. Yes prayer is all lovely and good, I certainly did pray a lot, my prayer told me I needed support and they were not support. But the bible also tells us to share our burdens. For it is in sharing that we can feel connected with our communities rather than isolated and alone. We can reflect on the choices in front of us and have our friends act as sounding boards as we explore our options to determine which road to take, which when there are so few paths in front of us is all the more critical to ensure we take the right one.

I accessed a service called Families First through Anglicare, they were absolutely amazing and while my worker felt like she wasn’t helping at all, she was the thing I most needed. She helped me to review my options that I could be all the more certain of my decisions. She found the services and options which were not listed on the internet or phone directory, such as a reproductive health specialist and Supervised Visitation Center so that rather than just saying “No” during negotiations I could provide a middle ground option with taking that option requiring nothing more than for their father to register with the service, even though he never took up the option.

Following a gas bottle being deliberately opened at my house some suggested that I needed a gun. A gun would not help us, he was approaching the children when away from the home and tampering with the house by sneaking around.

A gun would not protect us, I invested money in smart phones used tracking software to keep tabs on everyone with the girls able to telll me by pressing a button where they were and that they needed help. it helped them feel a little safer without losing their independence. Video Cameras around the house seem to have stopped him making any return visits, and the gas bottle hasn’t “opened” with the cameras prominently visible at the front of the house.

Gun’s and violent response do not keep anyone safe, and they endanger bypassers and the falsely identified.

There are numerous tools and options available to keep people safe. They can be quite expensive but for the occasions when it matters having it in place can make the world of difference.



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