5 days left til The Gods War Kickstarter closes!

If anyone is looking for a brilliant family board game that caters to kids from the age of 8yo right through to adult board game enthusiasts who enjoy advanced board games, take a look at this.

Sandy is a genius when it comes to asymmetrical strategy games. It’s the same bloke who produced our Cthulhu Wars, that big monstrosity occupying our living room.

Here is the thing it is ONLY affordable for Australians to get these games in kickstarter, due to bulk shipping. So if you want it grab it.

Cthulhu Wars DID NOT reach retail here, you had to pay 3 times as much as it cost on kickstarter to bring it here from the US, once it hit retail. If you enjoy our Cthulhu Wars you will enjoy this one!


The core game is even cheaper than Cthulhu Wars was and its a solid $100 cheaper to grab it with all the expansions. Because each faction plays differently, if you start getting bored just learn another faction or mix it up with some Monsters or Elder Races. I honestly don’t think the kids will get bored with all the content available in it for a solid 10-15 years at least.

The reason it’s in the need list is, games which are simple yet complex enough that Shannon can grasp it, while it still is a challenge in many aspects for Jac and durable enough to endure Jac are very hard to come by.

Contrary to popular belief I’m not a blind fanboi, I REALLY appreciate that such a product is available because I have spent 3 times as much on games that don’t fit the bill.

Games like this are great for kids,  They help them to think in different ways whilst they’re having fun. And they  keep coming back and trying different strategies.

They are incredible for kids, particularly special needs kids, specifically due to the way they manage to satisfy the needs of such a range of abilities. It exercises and trains; focus, self control, strategy, critical thinking, and they are some awesome themes with massive amounts of background information; comics, literature, RPG, which it then opens the door to.

It definitely isnt a hardcore gamer only game. We aren’t ‘gamers’ not of the scale of many who enjoy it, for us it’s a family board game and we use them on recommendation of Jac’s psychiatrist. Advanced boardgames are recommended for all those reasons but it is simple enough that even shannon has been able to learn to play.

The Wars games strike that delicate balance of being easy enough for the non-game adept to learn, but meaty enough for the advanced gamers to chug away on.

These aren’t new untested blind themes. Cthulhu wars and The Gods War are built on literature and world’s which have been built and bashed about for 50+ years…..they have a solid background of materials concepts and resources behind them. They really are the refined crown of each theme.


It’s not a new product where you wait for the endless slew of merchandising and promotion. It exists, it has a following with the beauty of the strength to stand alone or even act as a gateway for uninitiated players into these world’s……..

I am quite possibly about the most uninitiated of either background you could find at the launch of either product. I have absolutely loved the way Cthulhu Wars opened up the mythos for me and I am sure this will for Glorantha.

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