*Giggle* *Snigger* *Hyuck Hyuck*

Ok now we have that out of our system lets take a look at one of the most controversial topics on social media today.

The big ol’ Boob.

Boobies are great I even have a couple of my own, some are small, large, soft, firm, saggy, perky, they come in all shapes and sizes across the globe some have huge nipples, tiny ones, even men have Boobs. I know Bruce’s are quite impressive.

I get it, sex sells its plastered all over women’s mags billboards and the internet. 

That’s nice and all but what the world today ‘sells’ isnt sex, its a perfect ideal and it leaves all us less than perfect women (which is basically all of us) out in the cold being measured up to unrealistic ideals.

Even super models get airbrushed….allow that to sink in.

I am no bra burning nudist running feminist but even I can accept that it really is beyond time to keep it real. 

Hiding them away in order to not embarrass men doesnt work because then marketing directors abuse a side boob to death selling the latest whatever.

Breasts are simply a part of a woman’s body, a sensual one yes but the inside of the elbow is also an erogenous zone, must we now mandate long sleeve shirts?

Believe it or not boobs just like arms and legs throughout our lives are uncomfortable get in the way and are prone to being knocked into things and even injured. There have been times my boob has gotten caught on door handles and I have had 3 people following me through the door that I had to unlatch myself in one hell of a painful maneuver in a hurry. 

There are a number of tricky subjects in this house….my daughters and I discuss them freely, bruce goes a bright scarlet red and ducks for cover but so did my dad.

They are Bra’s, Boobs, Mensus,  and leg shaving. Believe it or not leg shaving is the most sacred of the lot.

Today it erupted in discussion on The God’s War about boobs on Miniatures. Don’t uncover the boob! We must have decency for families!

Um this family has boobs and while it completely freaked out their step father the day he discovered boobs had arrived and it wasn’t tissues in the cup, the rest of us handle boobs just fine thanks. 

The only thing we ask is keep it real. Crone’s sag and have wrinkles. Priestesses are often bare breasted. Warriors, let them have some functional armour. Keep it real. Petersen games does well to keep it real the forms fit the myth the boobs arent grotesquely big and the figures are not sexualised. They have always gotten a thumbs up from me.

I have friends from Papua New Guinea and during their tribal festivals they do not hesitate to keep it real, I’m amazed so many of their celebration photos haven’t been removed by facebook, although I suspect it has more to do with the company they keep. Being real people who don’t arbitrarily report every breast and nipple as an infringement of terms of service. 

Their traditional dress is real, it is legitimate, they own it. It is not a sexualised ideal posted to hopelessly obtain it is simply who and what they are.

Boobs should not be an alien unknown thing that produces screams and shouts for exclusion everytime they are seen. Boys and men should be raised to realise that boobs are not just a sex toy. Perhaps if they were they would respect women more.

Boys control yourself its just a boob.

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