An ending and a beginning

She graduates this week. The principal made the mistake of telling her she could wear anything she wants to so she has decided to go with a T-shirt and pants. So it seems keeping over a dozen formal dresses and suits in the back room in various sizes wasn’t necessary. 

Don’t blame me I wasn’t the one who told her she could wear anything at all to a Formal event. 

She had started out so cute and adorable too. 

Her older sisters have started their school holidays now.  Although Jamie has elected to participate in activities week so I won’t have to worry about keeping her busy for another week and a half. She will be going bowling,  to the movies and various other excursions with the school til the official break up. 

Meanwhile we prepare for a formal graduation on Wednesday night.  And hope she changes her mind in the meantime.  

I have been Working on our front door between events for the last few weeks it seems to be coming along nicely.  The hardest part was masking out, painting and then removing the masking for the outline of the stained glass pattern. 

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