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Exciting times and lad culture… 

Post concussion syndrome,  high school preparations,  primary school graduation in a couple of weeks and Christmas holidays just around the corner,  phew it’s all happening at once around here! 

We had Nana Grandpa and Rosa Maria all visit last month for mums birthday 🎂 Yay she is 25 again 😉

Jac managed somehow to get hit in the head 5 times in one week:

  • A basket ball
  • A netball
  • A bottle of water
  • A kid at school hit her in the head
  • And finally a bookshelf quite literally landed on her head as she was trying to clean it…. 

Resulting in her suddenly having dizzy spells and almost hitting the deck thankfully I or teachers have been there each time its happened or there would’ve been more blows to the head added to the list. 

I have to say I am not surprised at all. The recommendation from the hospital was absolutely no contact sports for two weeks,  Jac was mortified. Like an addict the thought of no sports for 2 whole weeks was horrifying. She protested declaring she can’t last 1 week let alone two. 

The hospital did find her story incredulous as did I but in the end realised just as I have that when a child is as active as she is concussion is par for the course. 

Our biggest concern is she didn’t tell anyone of all these blows until she was actually feeling sick from it all.

Last medication review before high school is tomorrow and will likely involve another dose increase because of far increases are barely holding ground against her growth. 

Also in recent months as was discovered this week her sister discovered the challenge of dealing with Sexual harassment.  Our daughters should not be discovering at 15 while trying to obtain an education that boys just think of them as sex objects even when wearing steel capped boots and leather gardening gloves. 

I hate to generalise, the situation is very real and while the school and TAFE have done everything possible to address the issue the individuals responsible walked behind my car while at the TAFE today just targeting another victim. Nothing changed even with the issues being brought to the whole class. 

They see nothing wrong with what they are doing because their friends,  fathers, siblings and media have told them such behaviour makes them a man. 

Well I have news for you it doesn’t make you a man,  it makes you an ignorant insecure little boy who doesn’t know what a real man is. 

There is a reason we call it lad culture. Because those who behave that way are lads, juvenile irresponsible boys. 

lad (læd)


1. a boy or young man

2. informal a familiar form of address for any male

3. a lively or dashing man or youth (esp in the phrase a bit of a lad)

4. a young man whose behaviour is characteristic of male adolescents, esp in being rowdy, macho, or immature

5. (Professions) Brit a boy or man who looks after horses

6. (Horse Training, Riding & Manège) Brit a boy or man who looks after horses

Men respect women and girls, they also comprehend what respect is. Men know what consent is. Men understand that it is not appropriate to tell others in the workplace or at school that they make your dick hard your dick is for you to play with in your own time and space. Your dick is not allowed to invade the time and space of others. 

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