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How we are travelling… In a world of uncertainty 

We are doing OK. 

We really are. The chaos of Brexit and an Orange faced entrepreneur with a big mouth winning an election half a world 🌍 away is concerning, but our immediate threats have lost interest for now. 

All the court cases are finished. Their passports have been processed,  approved, issued, and now reside in my drawer.  The stalking has to the best of our knowledge stopped and once again we are actively learning to relax and focus on our lives as our own. His last swing in our direction was to quit his job in order to stop the CSA from collecting child support anymore. We will manage, we have for the last 2 years. 

The girls finally all have new mobile phones as do I. I actually managed to replace all 4 for the price of 1 Samsung phone simply by switching to Elephone and Doogee. They are meeting our requirements well. 

Preparations for high school continue to progress with transition days happening for The little super hero to allow her extra time to adjust and learn about this environment called high school. While Wombat the schools welfare officer is making applications for funding and uniforms to take the edge off expenses for the new year while I save to purchase her laptop. 

The only suggestion I can make for my brothers across the pond in this time of uncertainty is;

  • Keep your family safe. 
  • Avoid public areas. 
  • Travel in groups. 
  • Speak up every time you hear racism and hate, never let it go unchallenged. 
  • Don’t swing, never be a bystander. Stand up and hold your ground when anyone is threatened. If you do,  you will not stand alone! 
  • Report all Violence to Police
  • Keep your mobile phone charged and with you at all times, it is a lifeline. 
  • A camera and phone is a more effective weapon than a gun! 
  • Speak Up
  • Stand together against hate and violence 

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