Hungry for Routine

I was a bit worried with some of the things she was saying last year, wanting to keep her bipolar a surprise for the school,  ending her determination and focus on full attendence after only 1 year of 100% attendence and languishing in the option to study from home and attend only half the week, for example. 

Barely a week past the new year and she has already set her alarm clock to put her sleep pattern in order for the school year.  She is eager for her text books and uniforms to prepare for the school year even though they are still weeks away. 

Last year was intense with her burning out every Friday from the stress of what it took to maintain 100% school attendence with bipolar disorder and that was still primary school. 

I greatly doubt this year will be so mild with her having as many as 4 different teachers a day and numerous classrooms. 

But we are getting prepared for her to have somewhere at school to escape to including a big box of board games,  dice games and card games which she will be able to share with all the other students in the welfare room at those times

she needs to escape but can’t stop her mind. 

I am rapidly becoming the schools patron of their yet to be formed gaming club. 

I started with 2x bulk bags of random seconds dice from Alli Express. Putting together a few sets with gems for dead man’s chest. 

They have 4 sets of polyhedral dice for RPG, with a small range of old entry level RPG’s to choose from,  along with assembling quite a number of print and play games I have rounded up, including Mint WorksFamily Plot,  Dice of Crowns, Orcs must die and The Gods War. 

I have more decks to assemble in January but for now they are well supplied for the start of the school year. 

Meanwhile I have also donated retail copies of chemical spill,  every Genius Games title, Ultimate WerewolfFairy Tale, along with others. There is always something available for her to reach for at home or at school. 

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