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Waiting for Dawn

Just a few more hours to go and the house will explode with activity as they get dressed in their uniforms, make their lunch and bolt for the bus. 

The first school day of the year is about to arrive. 

Are we prepared? I hope so $1300 in textbooks sorted labelled and packed, digital Ebooks added to their accounts accessible on their laptops. 

Uniforms freshly washed and ready to go. 

New shoes all around. 

Thoroughly broke, the scrapping of the school kids bonus certainly didn’t make preparing for the first year they are all in high school any easier. 

The girls spend a not insignificant chunk of their day commuting to the next town to attend school travelling by both bus and train. Leaving not long after 7 getting home after 5 their school day leaves them drained. 

One of the things we do to make their days easier is ensuring those product codes printed on the inside front cover of their textbooks, are installed on their laptop that the only items they carry too and from school each day is:

  • Laptop
  • Mobile phone
  • Bank card
  • Lunch 
  • Public transport pass

Everything else remains in their locker at school. 

We had a win at the weekend though! After sweating over the price of digital drum kits I finally managed to pick up one second hand for only $80 it will be enough to get her through her first year of lessons and practice at least. 

I have time, will go and make them a nice lunch to save them some time this morning. 

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