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Damage control

Only a couple of weeks into the school term and her older sister is feeling the pinch of VCE even though she is long discharged from Camhs I contacted them and discussed the situation along with contacting a few other resources. 

We are going to put a helping hand in place to visit her at school where there can be greater access to the classroom to help her navigate education challenges which worsen her anxiety. VCE is a scary thing for a 16 yo and sometimes all that’s needed is a little guidance that can make all the difference.  

Just a moment ago she breathed with relief “Yay my homework is done!” a small thing for you or I but for her getting the numerous peices to fall into place to produce this finished bit of work was 3 days of meltdowns and forgetting peices she needed to reach her goal. Today finally she completed her task bring on the next! 

Our GP has left the region it appears he has purchased his own practice closer  to the city, I am happy for him although concerned for us also.  He was the linchpin holding all of our supports together.  The challenge of finding another will not be easy.  Following a recommendation I have made appointments for tomorrow in the middle of a heat wave.  Oh well we need to get these referrals in place so it is now or never. 

Wish us luck a good GP makes the world of difference. 

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