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It begins. 

We are now a few weeks into the school term cracks are well and truly beginning to show.  They are aggravating each other,  arguments are becoming an afternoon thing. Nothing of the scale we have seen in the past but it is a sign of the underlying stress that the school routine brings.  

They have all started seeing their psychologist at school which helps to reduce the pressure at the seams but there is still a lot of work to do.  A meeting with the vice principal on Tuesday to build bridges! Find ways to work around my 16yos delays and dyslexia to enable her to access class content, participate in assessments, testing knowledge retention rather than literacy. 

Although a large swathe of current research is showing dyslexia as more than just literacy challenges,  rather a whole swag of delays in learning and cognition. 

But we shall find a way.  

Tonight the little super hero has gone to her friends house while her sisters and a friend are still up playing board games. 

Earlier today they had all gathered around the table including bree on Skype to play games together. 

They are making plans. Their friend has an interest in multimedia and is a little upset his YouTube channel has fallen to the wayside since his Internet at home was disconnected, but spending the weekend here with his parents away,  he has been having ideas of rigging cameras in my living room and sharing their board games and challenges with the world. He seemed surprised when the answer from me as to utilising my NBN was “OK! I have a box of web cams and wireless cameras around somewhere”. 

There is nothing to gain saying no so long as they keep themselves out of trouble and have fun.  I will let you know once they have things up and running. 

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