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Return to Castle Dicenstein

It Arrived! The long awaited Dicenstein is finally in our Hands!

It is so beautiful and incredibly durable definitely an all ages family friendly game. Jac yesterday was left to just find her way through and explore while I got her first impressions. She loves it!

Basically you wander through the graveyard digging up body parts to create your monster!  you have a lab in which to combine your monsters and battle other players while collecting more parts!

First time we played was 2 player, we actually skipped the grave keeper and special abilities while we just got a feel for the game.

We quite enjoyed it farming body parts and creating monsters on a race to 20 vp considering the ease with which we ditched the more involved aspects of the game you could quite confidently play this game with all ages even as an introduction to counting as they count up their stats on their dice and compare their monsters.

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