New workers and introductions

I met his new mind worker during the week, very young but she seems lovely.  My primary concern would be how much experience she has. 

Although she got straight in to getting programs and classes in place not letting him delay or put off with his usual indecisiveness which is exactly what he needs. 

I made sure to confirm that she was aware that the little super hero also has bipolar disorder, and that her mood swings can often trigger his if her meds are slipping. 

She gave it a try to explain to me that until she is older we won’t know how severe the impact of the disorder will be for her long term as if she may grow out of it or hopefully have been misdiagnosed due to age.  

It was then she found out that we already have over 10 years experience of this disorder in children and it is very likely here to stay. I know she said it to try to comfort me, but comfort isn’t what I need from her, I need her to be focused on keeping him stable so that I can keep an eye on the girls and do the same for them. We need to roll our sleeves up and just get to work. 

Which thankfully she did, although not without many questions about how exactly it presents in young children and the challenges we face. 

She is determined to provide activities for me, which I appreciate,  at the moment my pain levels have been incredible and activity is limited due to that.  Maybe if it settles down I can take her up on her offer but for now the activities she puts in place for him provides me with respite. 

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