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It’s not a joke

Came across this just a moment ago….

And this is why I love dadmin of Dad Jokes Australia so much for the efforts they go to to keep it clean

Because it’s not a joke.

My 16 yo was sexually harassed at TAFE when only 15. We dealt with it we know how, their Father for years had found numerous ways to brush off and dismiss grooming and other offences, until he was convicted and went to prison.

Our greater concern is for the boy who doesn’t know better, who may one day thinking it’s a joke become a sex offender.

Because it’s not a joke. He came very close to it already on that day. His only saving grace was my daughter didn’t name him and the entire class was educated on appropriate workplace behaviour.

Although I know less than a week later they still thought it was a joke. He has no idea the harm he does, and the hole he is digging for himself, because it’s not a joke.

It’s not just about protecting my three daughters. It’s about protecting your sons, teaching your sons, that good men don’t use those words, good men don’t degrade women, good men respect women and bring up standards, Not lower them. The gutter is not the place for men or boys.

I follow the Royal Commission because my ex moved in these circles working at the adult prison, working with many of these individuals for years in the courts and on security sites before working for DOJ. although I went to high school with Conan he was in the grade below with my sister.


This is what happens when people think it’s funny. I can tell you that Conan genuinely thinks he is being funny. It’s not a joke. He has destroyed his career. He has spent his entire life demeaning women and children because it makes him feel a big man.


Conan now has 5 children of his own who are watching the public destruction of the last remaining ruins of their father’s career.

Protecting our sons men and boys isn’t done by turning a blind eye, laughing along rather than challenging delicate developing egos and covering up for each other.

Protecting our sons, men and boys means teaching them that it’s not a joke. The safety and welfare of children  and adults is not a laughing matter.

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