My Wallet Weeps….

Having just completed my Pledge Manager for Cthulhu Wars Onslaught Three,

and still midway negotiating an all the books pledge for Numenera 2, Discovery and Destiny with a lovely leather bound Deluxe upgrade, *drool*


along with ordering in No Thank You Evil from Monte Cook Games, which came highly recommended for the girls from Sandy Petersen.

While my wallet is hemorrhaging in the scale of many hundreds of dollars…..bordering on a thousand, Jac bounds in as she does and declares a dire portent….. she will DIE if she doesn’t have Rwby: Combat Ready, I am supposed to be buying a CAR!

So I am persuaded, to check it out, it definitely is more rwby fan fodder, but they did work with an established game company to develop it. So it has more meat and reflects the mechanics of the anime better than most fan fodder does.


The design they have used will also make it suitable to play for kids with literacy and language disorders as well with nice big visual cues. A number of stretch goal upgrades have introduced to the game miniatures in the place of the standee’s; which will provide the girls will opportunity and motivation to explore further, providing some of their favourite characters for them to paint as a change from generic orcs and monsters.

at only $45 usd for the base game with $20 for add on’s it is quite affordable compared to other games we grab for them to play and this one caters specifically to her tastes as a fan of RWBY. being cooperative it will also work in well with her and her sisters play styles that all in war shouldn’t break out here on Saturdays.


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