A year already

Not since I started the blog but Since we learned that what we were dealing with what in fact bipolar disorder. It was the beginning of getting a real handle on it for years we had thrown everything and the kitchen sink at it but what was missing was diagnosis and medication.
The girls stayed at Nanas last week following an abduction scare and Jac managed to forget one of her webster packs while packing which Nana has posted through to us. But they had a read of it before sending it back.

Nana said “We didnt recognise one of the drugs listed on the pack so we looked it up and its a drug for treating epilepsy does Jac have epilepsy?” No Jac does not have epilepsy she does have bipolar. However the most effective medications for treating bipolar disorder short of lithium, are antiseizure drugs and due to risks with toxicity lithium is not used to treat children.

I put together a video message for the page last week as we were celebrating Jac’s twelfth birthday and success in the family court. It was a bit of a review of the last 2 years which for us have been absolutely huge.

Jac even made her own report to police following the abduction scare she was clear and forthright even if she was bouncing with a full range of compliments from police for stating no clearly for leaving the area and being so calm and assertive the whole way through. I am incredibly proud of my girls

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