The Gods War!

Fitting title. It has indeed been War breaking out around this place this week. Jac’s meds are rapidly losing ground which leads to her being scattered disorganised and hyperactive which leads to her missing doses and accelerating the process.

The Spike has Shattered!

So far this week,

A bed has been broken apparently by a large butt bouncing on it but it went through the bed instead.

There has been compulsive hair dye purchases and a very rapid dying of hair one afternoon. It HAD to be done while everyone else was sent running for fish and chips and to get out of  range.

A chair somehow jumped up and landed on a bookcase…..ahuh those pesky chairs I am gonna have to tie them down I think.

Besides incredibly morbid pressured speech which only escalates which I won’t go into the details of Its scary scary even worse than I have heard from her previously…..but I swear the stuff that spills from her lips she would be an incredible horror writer.

Then this afternoon as the pressure of the three of them sharing a back seat for all of 5 minutes to drive home from coles peaked, The War spilled from the car into the house with cups and various implements being thrown in both directions…..


*Dragging a 14yo out the door by the back of her shirt*

Jamie: But she is saying nasty things and doing this and that and…..

Mum: Yes and as much as we love her and her words hurt, We need to love her enough to step back, walk away and let her cool off. Because right NOW she can’t NOT respond to every response to her behaviour….so you both ping pong off each other to ever greater heights!…

Jamie: I didn’t do as much as her!

Mum: it’s not about this much, that much or who did the most. You Participated, she will respond, you throw something she will throw something. I need you to do as asked when asked and leave the room!

For now there is Peace. Furniture is furniture they have been breaking bed slats since toddlers jumping on beds. I have spares in the shed, there are extra book cases in the shed. Life will go on and the Medication increase I have been organising since Friday last week will eventuate, and take its sweet time to bring everything back into a nice cruisy bounce again….


As surely will Glorantha: The Gods War

I wonder some days if the girls enjoy Sandy’s games so much because it allows them to wage war on each other. To watch the dynamic when they play on nights after they have been pushing each other’s buttons all day is quite a sight to behold.

I am really excited about this one, because for me personally I was never a huge horror buff so H. P. Lovecraft while it coloured much of what I read was not directly an author I sought out.

Greg Stafford the Founder of Chaosium, Author and Creator of Glorantha, built it from Our worlds history, culture and mythology so unlike a great deal of Fantasy settings it is actually grounded loosely on what humans have been building for thousands of centuries. It is of course Myth and Fantasy.  He hasn’t directly imported ye Knights of Olde into Glorantha. Although Glorantha does have knights and wizards etc. Glorantha is built on Myth. What happens in Myth shapes the world of Glorantha and there in lies the magic.The cool thing is while grey hair and wrinkles may deceive he is not in fact a relic and is quite alive today to contribute and give Sandy feedback on The God’s War.


The Gods War is the Creation myth of Glorantha, it is the Gods of Glorantha battling, negotiating and exercising diplomatic relations to shape and break Glorantha into the world it shall be.

It is absolutely right up my alley. I have backed at a Hero pledge. The Hero pledge includes the great big bag of holding, chockers full of Chaosium Glorantha PDF’s. This is advantageous for me because I have been wanting to grab those PDF’s (and their books) for quite some time. Although Glorantha, RuneQuest, and Heroquest do not have the largest Australian following so historically have not been the most accessible given international shipping and absence in second hand book stores.

Sandy has also done the unspeakable and has absorbed the price of Vat on all pledges Hero and below for Eu backers, which is absolutely incredible and unfortunately reduces the chances of Glorantha: The Gods War ever reaching retail.

The Figures are incredible, the monster pack includes gorgeous dragons in metallics which I adore, and the Sea Faction is part of the Empires expansion with the Kraken! OMGosh Sandy is positively spoiling us!

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