New Doctor isn’t being well received.

Had our second visit today in order to put together their mental health care plans to continue access to their psychologist at school.

The little super hero plonked herself down in her corner…..while we addressed her sister’s needs…

Scoring 38 on the depression scale they used, she has been struggling lately in spite of her cycle still being non existent care of the Implanon. I asked him if he had much experience dealing with Premenstrual dysphoria. He didn’t, he even said it was more of a gynecological issue….which it’s not….besides the pattern of the mood swings it’s basically another form of depression, the only difference is antidepressants are not the first line treatment, B6 and contraceptives are. He is supposed to specialise in teen depression if he doesn’t have experience with premenstrual dysphoria WTF is he doing with those kids?!? Not everything is “depression” even if it presents with depression symptoms. It does not leave me confident in his care at all.

The little superhero is far from impressed either, she doesn’t like him at all. She was recalcitrant and difficult to get through the assessment to have a fresh care plan issued. It’s hard to know if she is picking up on the red flags I am seeing or if she is simply missing our previous doctor who she adored. She is asking to see a different doctor, but that is the problem most doctors in this region are no better and none of them are Ghattas…..

There is one thing I ASSURE you….if you ever come across a doctor who claims to know depression really really really well and its treatments…and not wander further outside that than anxiety…..RUN A MILE!…..If I had the remotest clue of where else we could go in this region I already would have, there is no reasonable quality of care to be had from such individuals. They aren’t doctors they are antidepressant peddlers.

Although the pathologist and I today had a good little chat while she performed vampire duty on miss 15….

Lol the challenge once they are over twelve….. They can’t sign any of their medicare forms but their parents aren’t allowed to know anything unless they agree….. FFS WHO dreamt up that headfk. 

Decision has been made we are finding another doctor preferably closer to home…. This one isn’t going to work out and anyone is preferable to a doctor this bad. He doesn’t trust him, she doesn’t want a bar of him miss 15 doesn’t like him and I have this creeping feeling that my 8 year streak without hospitalisations will be broken under his care….. 


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